We are ABC Labs

We are ABC Labs

A modern lab custom built for Covid-testing
ABC Labs was founded in Stockholm in April 2020 with the purpose to enable large-scale and high quality PCR and ELISA testing capacity during the corona crisis. Testing plays a crucial role in combating the ongoing pandemic. ABC Labs analyzes thousands of tests on a daily basis in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Sweden and a number of regions and private healthcare providers. The analyses are conducted in a state of the art laboratory of 900 square meters, located at Biomedicum, Campus Solna. 

Multi varied expertise in healthcare innovation
ABC Labs was founded by Ola Winqvist, Professor of Clinical Immunology, serial healthcare entrepreneur Per Båtelsson, former CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Maria Rankka, and medtech investors Ahsan Amjad and Johannes Schildt. External investors are the Norrsken Foundation and a consortium consisting of Carl Manneh, Carl Tham, Karl Perlhagen, Patrick Söderlund, Rustan Panday, Michaela Berglund, Johan Brenner, John Hedberg och Petter Samlin.

A laboratory for the future
The long-term vision of the company is to become a leading European center for disease and pandemic management, to ensure that we are never unprepared again.


Ahsan Amjad CEO & Board Member

Ahsan Amjad
CEO & Board Member

erik lindblad

Erik Lindblad
Chief Technology Officer


Frida Siwe
Chief Financial Officer


Maria Rankka
Chief Strategy Officer & Board Member


Ola Winqvist
Medical Director & Chief Scientific Advisor


Per Båtelson
Executive Chairman

info@abclabs.se  l   Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9,113 43 Stockholm