Covid-19 tests

Reliable and Clinically Validated Corona Testing

Test lab supervised by Ola Winqvist, Professor of Clinical Immunology.

Official partner of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

PCR and ELISA analysis for regions, care providers and companies.

High quality Corona testing using CE-marked test kits and equipment.

Gold standard Covid-19 tests.

Testing for current Corona infection.

There are several Corona tests in Sweden. Low quality tests are a risk factor for individuals, employers, the healthcare system and society at large. ABC Labs is an official partner of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, combining tests of high-quality and ultra-modern automation techniques under supervision from Ola Winqvist, Professor of Cellular Immunotherapy.

We offer virus detection with QT-PCR analysis using the most validated test kits on the market with an accuracy (sensitivity level) of 99.6%. We conduct test analysis for Covid-19 for regional mass testing, as well as in collaboration with care providers and employers.

Antibody test for IgM, IgG and IgA.

Our immunity serology testing is conducted using IgA/IgG/IgM quantitative ELISA test for immune response. Blood sampling is done by care providers at workplaces or at sampling sites for individuals. The tests are validated in our lab with >98% sensitivity and >99% specificity. 

Unlike all other tests in Sweden that measure only IgM or IgG, our results measure the strength in antibodies for both IgM, IgG and IgA and thereby catches a broader immunity base. Our tests’ strength is the possibility to quantify the different antibody values, giving us a good picture of whether an individual has developed immunity or not.


We are ABC Labs

ABC Labs’ long-term vision is to become a leading European center for disease and pandemic management, to ensure that we are never unprepared again.

Ahsan Amjad CEO & Board Member

Ahsan Amjad
CEO & Board Member


Ola Winqvist
Chief Scientific Advisor


Per Båtelson Executive Chairman


Maria Rankka
Chief Strategy Officer & Board Member


Frida Siwe
Chief Financial Officer

erik lindblad

Erik Lindblad
Chief Technology Officer  l   Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9, 171 65 Solna

Please note that we are not a care provider. We hence recommend individuals who wish to take a test to contact and book a test with a care provider, instead of contacting us directly. 

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